Ontario's Recycling Program: Used in the Wrong Way Persuasive Essay by Master Researcher

Ontario's Recycling Program: Used in the Wrong Way
An argument that Ontario's Blue Box recycling program is being implemented in the wrong way.
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This paper examines the idea that the cost of a product should reflect all costs, including resources, manufacture and disposal. The paper discusses the Ontario Blue Box program as an example of the issue of disposal costs being mismanaged and explains that the 'reduce, reuse and recycle' approach is the only long-term, environmentally sound approach to the problem of waste. However, the paper discusses how the responsibility of achieving these objectives must be placed mostly on the manufacturers and packagers who produce waste, not the millions of consumers at the end of the line.

From the Paper:

"Recently the three R's--reduce, reuse, recycle--have become more common. The 'Blue Box' program is an example of recycling that is very visible in Ontario. Ultimately, the 'reduce, reuse, recycle' program is the key to controlling waste. However it is presently being used in the wrong way.
"Today, it is the user who is responsible for the 3 R's. We fill our 'Blue Boxes,' return our beer bottles, and carry a shopping bag. The cost of the 3 R's should be payed by the 'producer' of waste not the end user or consumer and it should be reflected in the cost of the item. The 3 R's must be applied differently to be truly effective: They must hold the producer responsible for the waste they produce and make them liable for the cost of 3 R's programs and disposal.
"The 3 R's are really quite simple and obvious: Use less, reuse what you do use, and recycle it when it can not be reused: All these approaches avoid disposal.
"Industries themselves have recycled some products for years. Furniture manufacturers use wood chips for heating and aluminium has always been a valuable recyclable. Recycling is clearly an aspect of the current waste management system."

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