Online Journalism Ethics Persuasive Essay

Online Journalism Ethics
This paper is an analysis of different codes of ethics for online journalists and bloggers.
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This paper first discusses Perez Hitlon ruining the lives and careers of Hollywood celebrities through his unethical Internet blogging practices. The paper then discusses different perspectives on proper ethical conduct in journalism, including the's code, which was based off of the Society of Professional Journalists' (SPM) code for traditional journalists.

From the Paper:

"Perez Hilton was a man who came out of obscurity into the Internet limelight and began ruining many of Hollywood's celebrities lives and injuring their careers. Deemed "Hollywood's Most Hated Blog," the most scandalous habit of Hilton's is his gay "witch hunt," (3). Hilton continually scrawls homosexual slurs across photographs of celebrities he has decided are "in the closet" and creates public pressure on celebrities to "come out." Hilton is cited most often as the cause for the announcements of Lance Bass and Neil Patrick Harris that they are gay. However, Hilton's attacks are not only aimed at gay celebrities, it seems no one in Hollywood who might make any sort of public mistake is. Hilton's blog is in huge violation of every advisable online blog ethical code through manipulation of the facts, biased reporting, stealing copyrighted works and causing harm."

Sample of Sources Used:

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