Obesity Epidemic Persuasive Essay by TCBZ

Obesity Epidemic
This paper argues the case for an income tax for obese people in America.
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In this article, the writer notes that $122.9 billion is the estimated annual cost of obesity in America. Directly related costs account for $64.1 billion, and indirect costs cover the remaining $58.8 billion. The writer points out that direct costs are associated with prevention, diagnostic, and treatment expenses. Indirect costs are attributed to lost wages, sick pay, and earnings lost due to premature death. The writer further notes that obesity is expected to soon surpass the number of deaths caused by tobacco and take the lead position as the number one preventable cause of death in the U.S. The writer maintains that it is time for the Federal government to take action and educate the public about the effects of obesity and to tax those that are obese. The writer concludes that the solution to obesity is education and prevention of excessive weight gain, and for funds that would be generated from a tax on obesity to be put towards preventative education programs and the national healthcare budget.

From the Paper:

"The idea of a tax on fast food has recently been in the news. This ideal of taxing fast food if enacted, would have minimal effects on obesity and would be devastating to our economy. Fast food companies would be hit hard, plummeting sales would force them to close stores and layoff many people. The deep-pocketed fast food industry would also fight tooth and nail against any tax of this kind. Although this tax would slow down America's junk food purchases, this would only be short-term solution. Eventually people would get accustomed to paying the higher price for the food they desire and consumption rates would rise again. A tax on fast food also punishes those who are not obese. Almost everyone has stopped at a fast food restaurant at some point in their lives, including those that are not obese. People that are not obese should not have to pay for those that are. Many people will also blame fast food for solely causing obesity, but this is wrong. Anything in excess will cause health problems. For example, taking too many vitamins can cause health issues like poisoning and organ failure. A fast food tax is a misplaced solution to America's obesity, and the U.S. government should shift their attention towards prevention and education."

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