New vs. Old Racism Persuasive Essay by Nicky

New vs. Old Racism
A discussion on the subtle forms of racism today, based on "When Affirmative Action was White" by Ira Katznelson.
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The paper asserts that racism and ethnicity are enduring fundamental ethical concerns in the US and the UK, and goes on to demonstrate how the issue has evolved as a result of colorblind legislation that on its face attempted egalitarian ideals but allowed discrimination to be supported. The paper discusses instances of colorblind ideology, such as the US Social Security Act and the GI-Bill, and points out how they supported the development of more subtle forms of racism, drove a direct confrontation underground and assisted in systematic support of individual internalization of enduring racist ideologies and standards. The paper clearly shows how the pervasive nature of racism has been forced underground, to a new and more subtle form that requires real affirmative action.

New vs Old Racism

From the Paper:

"Katznelson clearly makes convincing arguments and draws reasonable and logical conclusions from the historiographic evidence regarding occurrences of racism in the US and how affirmative action, the linear idea of progress was anything but progress and may have actually made the situation worse. (2005) Katznelson opens his work with inferences into the nature and difficulty faced by President Johnson and other presidents and legislators before and after him, with regard to race. These people faced the fact that laws could be passed and regulations developed that would be seemingly beneficial, but would logically support segregation through more subtler de facto standards and that those in power who chose solutions of inclusion, rather than exclusion had a difficult task, beginning with trying to make the legislation they sponsored and passed (or in the case of the president, did not veto) look as if it was going to address and sponsor inclusion, even when it did not."

Sample of Sources Used:

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