Napoleon Bonaparte: A Tyrant Persuasive Essay

Napoleon Bonaparte: A Tyrant
A paper on the tyranny of Napoleon Bonaparte during his reign as ruler of France.
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Published on Jan 11, 2010 in History (Leaders) , History (European - 19th century)

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The paper focuses on three events in Napoleon's life; his Egyptian campaign, his involvement in the Peninsular war and his Russian campaign and how they portray Napoleon as a tyrannical dictator who only sought to better himself. The paper argues that despite some temporary glory and beneficial reform for France, the final result of Napoleon's actions name him as an evildoer who failed in his attempt at achieving ultimate power.

From the Paper:

"Many perceive Napoleon as an evil dictator who only aimed for personal gain, while others believe he was an excellent leader and accomplished great things for his country of France. Unfortunately, Napoleon's actions during his rise to power and during his reign over the French people are inexcusable and make him a dictator. Napoleon Bonaparte was a tyrannical dictator who sought only to better himself. In fact, Napoleon's dictatorial strategies were modeled by future leaders such as Hitler and Stalin over one hundred years after his death. Napoleon was not the first dictator, and certainly not the cruelest, so why was he idolized in the eyes of future tyrants? Three events in Napoleon's life which force the title of tyrant towards him were his Egyptian campaign, his involvement in the Peninsular War, and his Russian campaign.

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