Motivation Persuasive Essay by hicaliber

This paper looks at motivation as an important and integral part of any organization.
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In this article, the writer notes that today's companies are more competitive than ever due to continually changing technology, the pace of this change and globalization. In order to be successful, the writer maintains that these organizations need to have employees who are motivated to do the best they can for their place of employment. The writer points out that there are a number of different motivation theories demonstrating that motivated employees are more productive and creative. The type of motivation varies based on the person, the situation, the position and the organizational culture. The writer concludes that companies should continually conduct surveys and interview employees at all levels of the organization to see if needs have changed thereby necessitating a change in motivational approaches. The writer notes that the most successful organization is one where the people feel appreciated and an integral part of the overall mission and vision.

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