Modern Organized Crime Persuasive Essay by Nicky

A persuasive discussion on how white collar scandals are a form of modern organized crime.
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Published on Dec 07, 2010 in Criminology (Organized Crime Studies) , Accounting (Fraud)

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The paper begins by discussing how corporate business has been overrun with corruption, exploitation and short-term gratification, with Lehman Brothers as an example. The paper then considers the common perception of organized crime as consisting of tightly knit underworld syndicates who operate on the periphery of the legitimate business world. The paper goes on to argue that this is a misconception, and points to the 1980s Savings and Loan Scandal as the proof that organized crime operates with the knowing involvement of government officials, intelligence and military operatives, bankers and investors.
The paper further argues that the illegal and blatant behaviors of organizations like Enron, Adelphia, Worldcom and Tyco are indicative of the close relationship between corporate crime and organized crime.

From the Paper:

"Such is to say that in its haphazard approach to its affairs, its exploitation of its publics and its shameless service to the greed of its core executives, Lehman Brothers would in every way reflect the philosophy which has ruled recent corporate activities; that there is a positive correlation between ethics and long-term business viability but that both are counterintuitive to the process of looting a company's coffers for personal gain. With little doubt, this is an era in corporate history which will be associated with greed and willfully ineffective stewardship. Lehman is a useful point of discussion because it encapsulates this exact reality with startling resonance to the hearings for the front office at Enron and other aforementioned corporate crooks, with CEOs pleading ignorance and demanding that Congressional committees recognize them as simply incompetent rather than criminal. However, the epidemic nature of the events of the last few years is demonstrative of the presence of a willful and criminal intent to this end, typing the concept of organized crime as closely to our corporations as to any underworld syndicate or organization."

Sample of Sources Used:

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