Mass Extinction Persuasive Essay by Beng

Mass Extinction
A look at mass extinction, the impact, and the strategies that can be implemented in order to save the Earth.
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Published on Oct 14, 2011 in Biology (Zoology) , Environmental Studies (Wildlife Protection)

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This paper discusses how serious the current mass extinction of many species is, and what the impact will be concerning the sustainability of our anthropogenic home planet. The paper examines why the issue is important to human beings--even now that science and technology are driving fast and remarkable changes in societies and what, in a world where human beings rule and affect the world exactly is at stake. The paper also looks at what can be done given the present condition of the environment and concludes with a strategy that would help make our world a better place in which to live.

The Extinction of Species
The Impact of Mass Extinction
The Thing to Do

From the Paper:

"Based on the report printed by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), it was revealed that there are about 11,000 endangered species in the plant and animal category (Podger, 2002, par.3). This number includes a total of 1,000 mammals, which is "nearly a quarter of the world's total" (Podger, 2002, par.3). This will take place in a matter of just three decades, due primarily to the destruction of habitants because of incessant consumption for the production of supplies and necessities. This includes fishing and logging, the conversion of forests to farms and villages, as well as the destruction brought by pollution and greenhouse gases that lead to global climactic change. Also, another reason for the destruction of habitants is the transferring of alien species to a far-away, different habitat in which the species are unable to bear or sustain. Aside from plants and animals, the bird species is also at the threat of extinction, since more than 5,000 birds are enlisted by UNEP as being endangered (Podger, 2002, par.4). "

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