Losing Civil Liberties: America Post 9/11 Persuasive Essay by Master Researcher

Losing Civil Liberties: America Post 9/11
An argument against the American government's demand to give up on constitutional rights for the sake of national security.
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This paper argues that people are blinding themselves as to how the current anti-civil liberties climate parallels past efforts to impose authoritarianism in the name of national security and patriotic duty. The paper discusses how the Bush administration has considered removing the basic constitutional rights by introducing racial profiling, granting the CIA and FBI more powers and intruding on the privacy of ordinary Americans. The paper contends that no matter how weighty the reasons in favor of some draconian security measure, we must remember that to carve away at our fundamental liberties is to fundamentally change our society.

From the Paper:

"One of the most common arguments made in favor of these intrusive measures is that we are in a time of war, and each of us must make a wide range of personal sacrifices to protect national security. According to this argument, giving up our constitutional rights, accepting the racial profiling of Arabs and welcoming Big Brother into our homes simply represent individual sacrifices -- not societal sacrifices.
"Yet this involuntary "personal sacrifice" (Takei, 2001) is much the same kind of sacrifice that was required of Japanese Americans interned during WWII and, more recently, of blacks and Latinos pulled over and searched for drugs on our nation's highways. It is wrong to claim that such privations are a matter of patriotic duty, and especially wrong to impose these only on certain groups of people who are marked by birth."

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