Lifestyle Changes in Pregnancy Persuasive Essay by Nicky

A brief discussion on the need for expectant women to make certain lifestyle changes.
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The paper discusses the importance of a healthy diet and exercise in the development of the baby. The paper also addresses the need for pregnant women to quit drinking and drugs, and reduce the amount of stress in their lives. The paper shows how changing the lifestyle is one of the best ways expectant mothers can ensure their new babies are happy, healthy and developmentally sound.

From the Paper:

"Diet is one of the most important lifestyle changes during pregnancy. That is because the mother's diet affects just about every part of the baby's development, so healthy eating, and eating enough to nourish the baby, is of vital importance. Mothers should eat a healthy diet, and should eat about 100 to 300 extra calories a day for baby's health, and they should not gain more than 35 pounds during the pregnancy (Editors, 2009). They should eat fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, some carbohydrates, and limit fats and empty calories. They should also take vitamin supplements."

Sample of Sources Used:

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