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Lead-Contaminated Drinking Water
This paper explains that lead contamination of drinking water is a serious and persistent health issue in the developed world.
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This paper relates that the negative health effects of lead-contaminated drinking water are significant and occur at very low concentrations. The author points out that the primary source for contamination has been identified as corroding plumbing, which means that almost the whole of the developed world is faced with this danger. The paper urges that samples of real-world concentrations of lead in the drinking water supplies in the developed world should be taken from residential, commercial, industrial, and public buildings. The author suggests that this information should be used to develop public health policies.

Table of Contents:
Literature Review
Discussion and Analysis
Summary of Findings

From the Paper:

"Even at very low levels of lead exposure, individuals can experience measurable and permanent neurological damage. This is especially true for the young. Bryant (2004) contends that children are most susceptible to lead exposure from birth until the age of six. This is consistent with remarks by Watt et al. (1996), who outline the effects of minimal lead exposure to infants via drinking water--from bottle feeding, breast, or directly from the mother's blood before birth. Watt et al. (1996) points out that exposure to low levels of lead in infants has been positively correlated to decreases in intelligence over the course of an individual's life."

Sample of Sources Used:

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