Jurisprudence in America's System of Law and Courts Persuasive Essay by poloshot2

Jurisprudence in America's System of Law and Courts
Analyzes jurisprudence in the system of law and courts in the U.S.A.
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This paper discusses how today's jurisprudence systems reflect the ideal of maintaining Constitutional rights in regards to personal freedoms, while courts maintain order based on society's moral values. The author argues that America's justice system is flawed, and for any reform to be attained it is up to the people and policy-makers to challenge and question the system.

From the Paper:

"Every independent country has its own legal system, from the most primitive people, to the most advanced societies. The systems vary according to each country's social traditions and form of government. Most systems can be classified as either a common law system or a civil-law system. Most English-speaking countries have a common-law legal system, which have laws for civil acts and criminal acts (World Book, 2006: 132). Examples for these countries are The United States, Canada, and Great Britain. Most other countries have a civil-law system, for example France and Mexico. Many countries combine features of both systems. Common-law systems are based mostly on case law, which means court decisions. This began in England hundreds of years ago (World Book, 2006: 132). Civil-law systems are based mostly on statutes, or legislative acts. The majority of civil-law countries have formulated their statutes into carefully organized collections called codes. In common law countries statutes, rather than the courts, have the final say in any question of law (World Book, 2006: 132)."

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