Jesus Christ Persuasive Essay by Nicky

Jesus Christ
A discussion on whether Jesus Christ can be considered an omniscient being.
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This paper presents evidence through a review of the Bible and claims that Jesus Christ was not an omniscient entity. The paper also contends that even though Jesus was a great teacher and prophet, if not a philosopher, he did not know everything there is to know in the universe and therefore had to rely upon God the Father for spiritual answers and for direction in providing words of encouragement for those Jewish men and women lost in body and soul.

From the Paper:

"Before proceeding with our examination, it should be pointed out that if Jesus Christ as the one and only Son of God was omniscient, then he must have known everything in advance before it happened. For example, if Jesus Christ was truly an omniscient being, then he would have known in advance that he was doomed to experience a very horrible death on the cross at the hands of the Romans. There are some references in the New Testament in which Jesus alludes to dying, but there are no clear-cut references proving that Jesus knew in advance of his death by crucifixion. However, at the Last Supper with his twelve disciples, Jesus did in fact state that one of his followers was going to betray him, none other than Judas Iscariot. Whether or not
this prophetic warning to his disciples was omnisciently guided is not known, yet it does bear some resemblance to knowing in advance or at the very least to some form of precognition or premonition. "

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