Is Capital Punishment Justified? Persuasive Essay by writingsensation

Is Capital Punishment Justified?
This paper examines whether or not the death penalty is in fact an effective form of punishment.
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The writer of this paper focuses on the negative aspects of capital punishment. The writer contends and details why, after researching the available material on the issue, it's apparent that the death penalty does not deter future murders and is therefore ineffective as a punishment. This paper delves into the costs involved in the death penalty, as opposed to those of alternative punishments. This paper also examines the risk of putting innocent people to death, due to various errors that may occur in the course of a capital punishment trial. One of the main reasons that people advocate capital punishment is to deter future murders. The writer asserts that there is a good argument to be made for the fact that the presence of the death penalty actually increases the murder rate. This paper also discusses the issues of racial and socioeconomic discrimination which may play a vital role in capital punishment. This paper looks at a viable alternative to the death penalty, life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

From the Paper:

"In addition to being ineffective, the sad reality is that capital punishment is not applied in a fair manner. The Supreme Court has made it clear that capital punishment is only constitutional if it applied fairly and consistently. However, in the United States, capital punishment is applied in an extremely arbitrary and unfair manner. For example, minority defendants and the poor are more likely to be sentenced to death than non-minorities and the wealthy. In addition, even in states that impose the death penalty, there are geographic disparities between jurisdictions. These disparities rely on community standards, but they also reflect the tremendous power that prosecutors have. After all, while juries make the decision whether or not to impose the death penalty, it is prosecutors who determine whether or not to seek the death penalty."

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