Integrity in Accounting Persuasive Essay by Nicky

An argument that the integrity of capitalism depends on the integrity of the accounting profession.
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Published on Nov 07, 2010 in Business (Finance, Investment and Banking) , Accounting (Fraud)

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The paper discusses how some of America's most trusted institutions have been guilty of corruption, greed and mismanagement in recent years, due to lax regulatory standards and oversight. The paper focuses on the current credit crisis that was caused by banks' shady practices in the subprime mortgage market and creative accounting techniques that concealed losses from investors. The paper contends that auditors must overcome the pressure to fudge the balance sheet to turn a short-term profit and raise stock prices.

From the Paper:

"Regarding the issue of the transparency of the American financial system, it has been said that "sunlight is the best disinfectant" (White 2007). In other words, openness in and of itself regarding financial statements by accountants makes for a more ethical and 'cleaner' business environment. Just as people on an individual level are more likely to refrain from unethical behavior if they are being watched (like a store employee being observed on an overhead camera), on a larger scale, if a company knows that it must make full and open disclosure of all of its transactions, it is less likely to engage in shady misrepresentations of its dealings and profits. The fewer regulatory loopholes, the better, in the public's estimation, but and investors must also have confidence in the ethics of the independent auditors entrusted to enforce government regulations. Just as laws are only as strong as the legislators and enforcers of the law, accounting principles are only as effective as the ethics of those who wield them in the name of their profession."

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