Importance of Christian Education Persuasive Essay by AmbishuzBeauty

Importance of Christian Education
A teacher's personal statement regarding the importance of a Christian education.
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This paper discusses one teacher's views on the purpose of providing students with a Christian education. It argues that a curriculum based on a Christian perspective is aimed to help students fully understand how all aspects of life involve the Christian faith. The paper maintains that it is important to teach the students how to live as a Christian in a depraved society. To conclude, the paper argues that students need to have a Christian education in order to understand the importance of the impact they can make on society and to be able to fulfill their calling.

From the Paper:

"Curriculum should be focused on more than just knowledge. It should be focused on a wide range of goals that will not only prepare you for a certain job, but prepare you to live in a difficult society, and handle things in life that you can't necessarily learn from a text book. I believe that the needs, abilities, and interests of the student are more important than the needs of society because the students are what will one day make the society. If we meet the needs, abilities, and interests of the students with a Christian perspective, then we are actually helping to build a society that might one day be made better because of these Christian views. It is important to have some of the curriculum prescribed to the teacher, and some of it to be based on the teacher's determination. The reason I believe this is because the teachers do need to have standards that they must meet in order to keep them accountable. But on the other hand, teachers need to be able to teach what they know best and what they feel strongly about to make for more effective teaching. If a teacher teaches a curriculum that they have no desire to teach, nor knowledge of the subject, it could show in the way that they present the curriculum and have a negative impact on the student's passions for learning that subject."

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