Impact of Mobile Device Use on Youth Persuasive Essay by gnossos

Impact of Mobile Device Use on Youth
An analysis of the impact of mobile device use on youth worldwide.
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The paper questions whether mobile devices are a handy convenience or the curse of the modern age. The paper discusses how even whilst socializing, mobile devices can cause no one to really interact with each other but rather be engrossed in their own tiny screen. The paper reveals that mobile devices are taking up where television left off in distracting people from what is really important; they shorten our attention spans, distract us and can affect our relationships by causing us to make all our interactions digital rather than physical. The paper concludes with the question of when does a convenient amount of information become too much?

From the Paper:

"Today in western civilization, we rely a great deal on mobile devices for communication and entertainment purposes. Mobile devices - like any other modern luxury or really anything for that matter - can be both a blessing and a curse. While it can be nice to carry convenience in your pocket around the clock, there is a price to pay for this luxury. It has been said that as a civilization today, we generate more data in two days than humanity did throughout all of history until the year 2003. Is this information overload too distracting for most of us to handle? Is a smartphone or touchpad too much power of information for one person?
"In this world today - especially in western civilianization - communication through mobile devices has been made easy and beneficial. Is it possible for something to be too easy? From touch screen phones to tablet devices, mobile computing power and user-friendly interfaces have never been cheaper or more universally available. It is not uncommon to see young children with their own mobile phones and touchpads. Is this good or bad?"

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