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Immigration: A Historical Perspective
This paper argues that immigration will continue to benefit the United States, as it did in the 19th century.
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This paper compares immigration patterns of the 19th century with immigration trends today. The paper points out the similarities but notes the problematic issue of immigrants remaining culturally separate from mainstream American society, in ways not possible for 19th century immigrants. The paper asserts that we must cross this cultural divide since immigration in the 21st century will likely follow similar patterns that it followed in the 19th century and provide the fuel for continued economic growth.

From the Paper:

"Few issues in the United States currently have the capacity to elicit as much ire as the debate over immigration. At times, the debate seems to be anything but rational, as individuals on both sides of the issue make extravagant claims. The old American myth that the country was built by freedom-loving immigrants comes into conflict with the realities of cultural integration and economic crisis. Since it is impossible to predict what will happen as the battle over immigration continues, our most reasonable course of action is to look to the past, to the history of immigration in the United States, to get a clearer sense of the ways in which immigration has shaped the nation."

Sample of Sources Used:

  • Kennedy, David M. "The Price of Immigration." The Atlantic Monthly 278.5 (Nov. 1996): 52-61.

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