Illegal Immigration in America Persuasive Essay by vinoth

Illegal Immigration in America
This paper looks at illegal immigration in America and discusses whether it is good or bad for the U.S. economy.
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In this article, the writer notes that illegal immigration is one of the biggest controversies and highly debated issue in the United States of America. The writer maintains that the impact of illegal immigration on the U.S economy is omnipresent with the U.S economy falling while emerging economies are making significant progress. The writer notes that many economists believe that the illegal immigration into America is a kind of economic war being waged against the Americans. The law makers and the officials in the Government have taken notice of the growing impact of illegal immigrants on the U.S economy and have taken steps to amend the existing laws so as to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the United States of America. The writer discusses that apart from the economic impact, illegal immigration has brought with it other social, religious and security problems. The writer looks at the different faces of illegal immigration and its effects on Americans.

Illegal immigrants
Modes of Entry
Origin of Illegal Immigrants in America
Impact of Illegal Immigration
Economic Impact
Numerical Data to Support the Economic Impact
Other Faces of Illegal Immigration
Security Issues and Costs
Education and Medical Care Costs
Environment Degradation
Crimes Committed by Illegal Immigrants

From the Paper:

"One of the most profound impacts is the decrease in the wages of low skilled workers in America. Jobs that Americans refuse to take because of lower wages are now being taken up by illegal immigrants. This has resulted in unemployment among the Americans. American companies often prefer foreign workers who work harder for a lesser pay than the American citizens. This has lead to improper distribution of income and increased the gap between the rich and poor American citizens. Another reason why the American companies prefer foreign employees is both the employer and employee can easily escape from paying taxes to the Government. The undocumented workers do not pay their taxes. In the case of American employees the taxes are deducted from their pay roll. Although illegal immigrants increase the profits for their employers they hurt the American taxpayers. Since most of the illegal immigrants have low educational qualification and low skill level they are most employed for lower wages in poor working condition mostly in underworld economies. Hence the illegal immigrants easily evade the payment of taxes without their knowledge."

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