Hurting Canadian Women in the 19th Century Persuasive Essay by Master Researcher

Hurting Canadian Women in the 19th Century
A discussion on how the labor market affected women's status in the 19th century in Canada.
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This paper discusses the severity of women suffering in the 19th century labor market. The paper reveals that the Canadian capitalist system made sure that women workers would be paid poorly so women would be encouraged to marry and only work within the home. The paper argues that 19th century Canada was a sexist and, one could even argue, a misogynist society where men had full control over women.

From the Paper:

"Anyone who would argue that labour market forces benefited Canadian women in the 19th century would be occupying a world other than the one women existed in during that particular period. During that era in Canadian society, women were literally locked between a rock and a hard place. They were constricted within the home, and if they managed to leave it, they suffered severe social inequality. Women workers were paid poorly and confronted horrible working conditions. This reality was rooted in the inequality that the capitalist system constructs.
"To be sure, labour market regulations hurt women profoundly in late 19th century Canada. There were, in many respects, certain "roles" that the society had defined for the two genders. Women suffered because of this objectification of the female species. The roles that society constructed for women made working almost impossible, while at the same time domestic labour was not even considered "work".
"The Canadian capitalist system made sure that women workers would be paid poorly. In this way, the message was clear: women should be married and working within the home. We have already learned in this course how Canadian historian Bettina Bradbury has shown the terrible realities that women confronted in 19th century Montreal. The evidence she brought forward makes it impossible to deny that women were not hurt by the system."

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