How the South Justified Slavery Persuasive Essay by scribbler

How the South Justified Slavery
A brief looks at the justifications the South used for the slavery of African Americans.
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Published on May 07, 2013 in History (U.S. Before 1865) , African-American Studies (Slavery)

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The paper looks at the reasons the South used to justify continuing slavery of African Americans, in an inhumane, barbaric system of bondage. The paper discusses the Bible as justification, the use of slavery in other civilizations, and the economic need, specifically, having slaves to work the cotton fields. The paper argues that these were wrong justifications that the South used to keep slavery as an institution and it is tragic that a war had to be fought and hundreds of thousands of men had to be killed to snuff it out.

The Literature on the South's Justifications for Keeping Slavery

From the Paper:

"The U.S. History site explains that the defenders of slavery believed the sudden end to the slave economy "would have had a profound and killing economic impact" because the hard labor of slaves was "the foundation of their economy" ( Their cotton industry would collapse and their tobacco crops would languish unused in the fields, should slavery end in the south, according to the justifications found in the U.S. History site.
Moreover, southerners believed there would be "widespread unemployment and chaos," the U.S. History site points out, and that chaos would lead to "uprisings, bloodshed, and anarchy" (p. 1). Additionally the justification was that slavery had been in place "throughout history" and in fact slavery was "the natural state of mankind"; the Greeks, Romans, and other civilizations had slaves, the U.S. History site continues, pointing to reasons southerners gave for wanting to keep slavery in place.
"In the Web site the following article from the Ottawa Citizen newspaper that was originally published in June, 2006 is reproduced ("How did Southerners justify slavery?"). In the article the author presents some facts prior to the justifications: a) by 1860 only 15 of the 33 states permitted slavery; b) between 1819 and 1855, the national production of "raw cotton" increased 921 percent; and c) between 1820 and 1860, the population of slaves jumped by 257% to nearly "four million" humans."

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