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Homosexual Marriages
A one-sided look at the 'negative' effects of homosexual marriages.
# 67309 | 2,498 words | 10 sources | MLA | 2006 | US

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In this paper the author looks at the negatives aspects as he sees it, of same-sex couples getting together in marriage. He examines the implications of same-sex marriages on society and what it will mean, such as, legitimizing same sexual activity, joint tax benefits and many other day to day issues that will help them. The author looks at all of the negative sides of allowing homosexual marriages and urges the reader to help stop them by taking firm legislative action. He mentions many of the laws that have been passed and, are in the pipeline to prevent homosexual marriages. The paper then goes on to discuss what legalized homosexual marriages would do to the public school system and the societal effects that could result from it in public health education within the school system. In conclusion the author again points out that it is not fair for same sex marriages to reap all of the benefits of regular marriages.

From the Paper:

"Legalizing same-sex "marriage" and/or domestic partnerships would in essence normalize homosexuality in the public school system. Why? Compulsory education forces all children to attend school. Public schools require children to take health education courses. If same-sex "marriages" or domestic partnerships were to become a reality; children would be taught in these health classes, as well as in marriage/family elective courses, that homosexual relationships are the equivalent of heterosexual relationships. Because teachers are authority figures, children would be more likely to accept homosexual relationships as normal. Of course, once junior and high schools teach that homosexuality is normal and natural, it's only logical that younger students would be subjected to the same propaganda."

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