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Gun Control
A look at the social issue of gun control in the USA.
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Published on Mar 23, 2008 in Law (Criminal) , Hot Topics (Gun Control) , Sociology (General)

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This paper examines the power and control possession of a gun can give a person and how, although guns or weapons might have been necessary in the past for self defense, today the need for guns cannot be supported by such antiquated circumstances. The author maintains that as long as the philosophy of owning a gun equals power, guns will be a negative inclusion in the social order and one that must be controlled in order to protect every person effectively.

From the Paper:

"In Roald Dahl's story "The Swan" the characters of Ernie and Raymond are consumed by the power that they believe a .22 caliber rifle allows them to have. Consequently, the characters loose any sense of the reality that exists around them or the consequences of their actions and they begin to kill any animals that they come into contact with. Additionally, the possession of the gun by Ernie and Raymond suggests to them that they have control over other human beings, which is demonstrated through their torture and attempted murder of Peter (Dahl). While there are those within the social order that suggest that instances such as those described in Dahl's story are rare, the fact is that if there is a tool available to the masses that creates this type of situation for anyone, that tool must be controlled as a means of preventing the innocent from being devastated by the negative outcomes that are possible.
"Wilbur Edel states that the intention of the framers of the Constitution believed that guns were essential to an individual's right to protect his life and property at a time when uncertainty about society was everywhere (69). According to Edel, Thomas Jefferson believed that the gun was a friend to those in society because by carrying it people could "stand tall" with the ability to defend themselves (69). This philosophy provides a basis for the ideology related to guns that exists in society, especially the belief that guns provide power. It should be noted, however, that in Jefferson's time societal philosophies were also connected to honor, virtue and a people that were just beginning to establish them selves as a nation. People hunted for food, explored parts of the country that had not been known and protected themselves against free roaming creatures that would otherwise prevent their existence. When a gun was used as a means of defense against other human beings there was a sense of ethics connected to discharging a firearm, which led most people to refrain from doing so unless there was imminent threat to life because there was no desire to kill the innocent. Therefore, gun use was not as much about power as it was about living and continuing to seek dreams that were connected to the founding of a new civilization."

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