Government Health Programs and Entitlements Persuasive Essay by Nicky

Government Health Programs and Entitlements
An exploration of the impact of law on government health programs and entitlements.
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The paper reveals that many Americans still have no healthcare coverage, while many millions more feel their coverage to be inadequate or too expensive. The paper highlights the unclear relationship between medicine as a business and medicine as a basic human right and shows how the question of expanded healthcare coverage returns to the two conflicting constants of modern politics - the private sector versus the public sector. The paper suggests that policy makers create a universal program of basic healthcare that will include only essential medical procedures, will receive its funding from taxation and will utilize vouchers to pay for care.

From the Paper:

"America's current healthcare system is a confusing web of choices and entitlements, of government-subsidized and privately financed care. Cobbled together over the years, it reflects an attempt to address both perceived needs and desires. In the present battle over how best to provide medical treatment, few would argue that some form of healthcare should not be readily available to all. Yet, the question remains as to how to pay for this option, and to what extent it should be made compulsory. Traditional healthcare existed either as an added benefit of employment, or as a freely-taken choice. Increasingly, government stepped in to provide for those who either did not receive medical insurance through their employers, or who chose not purchase such insurance if it was not provided as part of an employment package."

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