Globalization and Nuclear Terrorism Persuasive Essay by write123

Globalization and Nuclear Terrorism
This paper looks at the increasing risk of nuclear terrorism in a flat world.
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The writer looks at globalization in a flat world as described by Thomas Friedman who outlines a situation that is even more dangerous than a time when only nation states had access to nuclear technology. In this article, the writer discusses that today, geopolitical conflicts based in ideological differences combined with the economic realities of globalism have given rise to a situation where the destructive power of nuclear weapons may soon no longer be confined to nation states. The writer maintains that it is a problem of such proportions and magnitude that its importance dwarfs the relative importance of nearly every other conceivable problem. The writer concludes that there are grave consequences of failing to control the global economy more effectively and of failing to increase our financial assistance to those regions where poverty rather than ideological sympathy for terrorists, motivates cooperation between those with access to nuclear material and those who wish to attack the United States.

Background and History of the Problem

From the Paper:

"The Cold War bankrupted the Soviet Union by demanding so much economic investment that ordinary Russian citizens lived a perpetual life of extreme deprivation. Even the vast Russian military eventually was unable to pay many of its career soldiers and the many scientists and technicians responsible for safeguarding its nuclear facilities and materials. Since the end of the Cold War in 1990, many of its nuclear facilities have been shut down, but not reliably secured. As a result, vast amounts of highly enriched Uranium is susceptible to theft for sale on the international black market. Even the nuclear scientists and technicians still employed in the Soviet Union earn significantly less than what would be considered minimum wage in this country and therefore, have tremendous incentive to use their access to nuclear materials to supplement their incomes. "

Sample of Sources Used:

  • The Lexus and the Olive Tree: Understanding Globalization -Thomas L. Friedman
  • It's a Flat World After All -Thomas L. Friedman
  • The End of Poverty: Economic Possibilities for Our Time -Jeffrey P. Sachs
  • Globalism 's Discontents -Joseph E. Stiglitz

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