Global Warming: Are Politics Influencing the Facts? Persuasive Essay by The Research Group

Global Warming: Are Politics Influencing the Facts?
An argument that politically-biased perspectives may be influencing the facts surrounding global warming.
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This paper describes how some of the effects of global warming may have been exaggerated to suit political agendas in constructing policy. The paper reviews the image of global warming and describes the fear of global warming and greenhouse gases. The paper asserts that in attributing climate changes to human-induced global warming, it is important to rely on factual data and qualify the assumptions and accuracy of climatologic models used to predict changes.

From the Paper:

"While variations in the earth's temperature are a natural occurrence and may be independent of human activities, the phenomenon the public thinks of as "global warming" is not this natural variation but instead warming caused by human actions, especially those beginning at the turn of the last century with the inception of the Industrial Age. Since this time, humans have been releasing gases into the atmosphere in addition to the same gases that are naturally present, namely additions of carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxides, and other trace gases (Kaw and Batra). While these gases are already a part of the atmosphere, production of additional quantities from human activities, especially the burning of fossil fuels such as oil and coal, has contributed amounts in excess of what would otherwise be present. The existence of these additional gases has been posited as a cause of a current trend of rising temperatures seen over the past century. These gases, in addition to water vapor, prevent radiant heat from the earth's surface from escaping, as would be the case on say, the moon, which lacks such gases. The tendency of the earth's atmospheric gases to trap heat is a necessary phenomenon for the existence of life on earth, which depends on the warmth that this natural greenhouse effect provides. However, an excessive "greenhouse gas" effect (so-called for the likeness of this situation to a greenhouse trapping heat) is posited to lead to accelerated warming beyond that which would naturally occur were the additional human-generated gases not present."

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