Global Warming and Sub Saharan Africa Persuasive Essay

An exploration of the causes and effects of global warming on sub saharan Africa.
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The paper discusses how developed countries have caused the African countries to remain dependent on them and perpetually poor. The paper further reveals that global warming has caused an increase in floods, droughts, food shortages, lack of farmland, shortages of useable water and an increase in infectious diseases. The paper discusses how the lack of farmland is causing Africans to allow high levels of deforestation, a major factor causing climate change. The paper clearly illustrates that unless drastic changes are made soon, the Sub-Saharan people are at an even greater risk than normal of illness, food shortages and death.
The paper includes a color map of Africa as well as a table of carbon dioxide emissions of developed and developing nations.

From the Paper:

"The move from colonialism to independence didn't bring the expected results to these countries. With the "help" of the IMF and WTO they went from one kind of control to another. In order to receive aid to establish themselves, severe restrictions were put in place that kept them from competing in the global economy, restrictions that the core countries weren't subjected to. This, and other inequalities, keeps the poor Sub-Saharan countries down, while the rich developed countries continue to get richer. An unequal balance of trade, with the core countries always in control of the expensive secondary goods, and the periphery exporting the cheaper primary goods, has put financial gain in the hands of everyone involved except the periphery. Greedy transnational corporations build their products in African and other underdeveloped countries, taking advantage of their labor force with pathetically low wages. Half the population of Africa lives on less than one U.S. dollar a day. The price of their exports, such as sugar, cocoa and coffee, keeps dropping, while the price of imports continues to increase."

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