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George W. Bush's Presidency
An analysis of the failing of the presidency of George W. Bush, focusing on the war of terror.
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This paper discusses the presidency of George W. Bush, focusing on his failings, particularly with regard to the war on terror. The paper argues that Bush has proven himself to be an ineffective leader, but that his leadership failings are due to the extraordinary events that happened during his tenure. The paper suggests that in calmer times, he may well have been an unremarkable, adequate president.

Table of Contents:
The War on Terror
Patriot Act
Antagonizing Secular Society

From the Paper:

"Bush is a poor leader, and his presidency will be remembered for his ineffective handling of Iraq and American civil liberties. He has bungled a war, compromised his people's freedom, and created rifts within his own society. Even if he is not a deliberately treacherous individual, he is a menace to his country. He was not up to the job. It can only be hoped that in the future the Republican Party will forward a smarter, tougher, and more imaginative candidate.
"And yet, there is also the lingering anxiety that George W. Bush was not chosen because he had the capacity to be a strong president. Just like his father's Vice-President, Dan Quayle, Bush does not seem to have been chosen because he would be good at his job. Part of this suspicion is hinged on the bizarre fact that George W. was chosen to succeed his father in campaigning for the presidency. For one thing, George W. was a bad student in school, had a scanty political history, and was generally not much of a man to begin with. On the other hand, brother Jeb Bush is a career politician and regarded as intelligent."

Sample of Sources Used:

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