Genocides in Rwanda and Darfur Persuasive Essay by Nicky

A discussion on the genocides in Rwanda and Darfur and the lack of effective international intervention.
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The paper discusses the genocide that occurred in Rwanda in the early 1990s and the genocide that is still occurring in Darfur today, and argues that a huge part of the responsibility for the global community's failure to act rests with the United States and France. The paper further contends that by failing to respond and prevent these mass murders, the world has tacitly approved of genocide and this is an indictment of all the complacent human beings around the world.

From the Paper:

"Moreover, global intervention does not always aid the victims. Rwanda had an established relationship with France. France's financial interests were reliant upon Hutu victory. As a result, France did intervene, even after the UN pulled out of Rwanda. However, the French intervention was not aimed at helping Tutsis. The Hutu greeted the French like allies, and the French did nothing meaningful to prevent further massacres. The fact that France is considered a powerful country, especially in the setting of the UN, made the rest of the world reluctant to meaningfully intervene, with the result that genocide was permitted to protect the financial interests of a powerful country.
"As much as the world promised "never again," after the genocide in Rwanda, the genocide in Darfur in 2003 bears such similarities the situation in Rwanda that it is inconceivable to pretend that the genocide was not foreseeable, and, being foreseeable, the UN forces could not have done something to intervene. As in Rwanda, there had been historic fighting between the two sides in a civil war. The two sides were represented by the Muslim Khartoum government in the north and the Christian population in the south."

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