Gender Stratification in America Persuasive Essay by Jay Writtings LLC

Gender Stratification in America
A discussion of the gender stratification in contemporary American society.
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The writer looks at how our culture has created a wide chasm between men and women's roles in America. The writer reveals that women have been ridiculed for acting like men whenever they did any physical endeavors, or business related jobs, and they are still paid less than men to this day. The writer further discusses how today's women have to do more than men; after spending all day at the office, they must still cook, clean and take care of the family. The writer opines that the stratification of gender roles in America is simply one based on old beliefs and scared men.

From the Paper:

"America has come along way the past 200 plus years when it comes to women's rights compared to their male counterparts. Historically men who have been in positions of power have argued that gender stratification is inherent in societies due to biological essentialism (sociobiology).Others have used religious texts as justification (Wikibooks, 2005). These views are not far off from the Nazi superior race, genetic war argument that was perpetuated on the world years ago. The genocide delivered on the Jewish citizens is obviously worse than how women have been treated in this country, but it does show there is still work to be done. Now I know equating Nazi tactics to gender roles in America may seem like a stretch, but I feel the two problems come from the same ignorant hateful thinking place. Believing someone is genetically, or in some other way inherently superior then another group of people, is a problem."

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