Gender Prejudices in a Globalized World Persuasive Essay by ABCs

Gender Prejudices in a Globalized World
A discussion of the gender prejudices female Chinese immigrants face in the United States.
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The paper refers to an interview with a Chinese student who lives and works in Chinatown and talks of the covert gender prejudice that takes place in the modern context of the United States. The paper explains that in the U.S., women actually earn less money than their male counterparts and for Chinese women, this is in addition to the limitations their culture places upon them. The paper emphasizes that while the West looks down upon many Eastern cultures for their blatant and open gender allocation for women, it fails to truly recognize its own paradoxical gender roles. The writer believes that we need to progress beyond a gender-specific society.

From the Paper:

"Women play a relatively insignificant role in traditional Chinese culture. They represent a subordinate role within their familial and external existences, (Zhou, 1992: 153). Traditionally, women had little influence in any aspect of their lives, even their most intimate events such as marriage were out of their hands. Female children were supposed to blindly obey their fathers. In fact, many in the Chinese culture did not even view their female family members as their own, "In the past, when Chinese women were born, their families did not recognize them as permanent members but rather as "belonging to other people" because they would eventually marry out of their natal families," (Zhou, 1992: 153). This means that little effort and resources were placed into female children's education and welfare on behalf of her biological family. Once they were married off, women were supposed to carry on the tradition of blind obedience, only replacing their new husbands in their father's previous role. This meant that women had little control over their own lives with little opportunities to sustain themselves independently."

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