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Gender and Technology Theory
An essay arguing that modern technology is not contributing towards closing the gender gap between men and women and that it is the social constructs that encourage gender specific technology that must be changed.
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This paper argues that, rather than being gender neutral, modern technology is actually quite gender specific. The paper then sites several examples of technology that support this contention and suggests that the technology also seems to imply that women are less competent or less able to operate technology as well as men and need adapted technology. The paper concludes that technology has not 'liberated' women in that technology remains a gendered subject and that, if we want to advance the prospects of women, we must first create cultural change, as technological advances do not automatically promote gender inequality .

From the Paper:

"The creation of gendered technology has continued at a strong pace, no longer a domain of household gadgets or curling irons but a realm that includes reproductive technologies serving women, as technology supporting child-bearing women. Women are unwittingly helping a new technology sector from which males profit in the growing numbers to have children later in life, to engage in sex selection, or to demand children through relatively to very high risk cases. This technological enterprise can perhaps be seen as post-industrial child-bearing as a new industry carrying on from the industrial era. In sum, technology has not 'liberated' women in that technology remains a gendered subject. Those who expected something different are advised to trace the much longer history of gender as a socially constructed phenomenon. Cultural change must be created to alter ideas of gender, as opposed to hoping that technological advances will progress the prospects of women."

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