Fine Arts and Humanities in Elementary School Persuasive Essay by BARRAT

Fine Arts and Humanities in Elementary School
This paper advocates incorporating the arts into the elementary school curriculum.
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In this paper, the author argues that the fine arts and humanities should be integrated into elementary school curricula. This would make such experiences more accessible to young students regardless of their parents' socioeconomic status. The author also points out the benefits of learning art and music, such as better ability to sustain attention and overall intellectual curiosity. The author believes that fine arts and humanities classes help develop leadership skills and boost the students' self-esteem.

From the Paper:

"First, let us of consider when it comes to implementing when it is best to integrate theses classes you have to think when children really start learning. It has been shown that within the first five years of their lives is when children gain a lot of information. It has also been proven that children learn languages and other humanities better than adults. Many of schools have offered humanities and fine arts as soon as the fourth grade. This is about around the age of nine or ten. An example of a school that does this is Belle Valley North Elementary School of Belleville, IL. They have a band program that starts at the fourth grade. They offer once a week lessons and as long as the student stays in the district they can continue band until they graduate from the eighth grade. This shows that there will be structure and social events within the band group."

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