Feminism in 21st Century Europe Persuasive Essay by write123

Feminism in 21st Century Europe
This paper discusses the relevance and purpose of feminism in modern Europe .
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In this article, the writer discusses that feminism today tends to be focused on intellectualizing the position of women in society. The writer points out that while still working in a concrete fashion in order to secure gender equality, feminism has also penetrated areas of intellectual endeavor such as theory of literature and philosophy. The writer discusses that despite the very prominent position of feminism in a wide variety of intellectual and social areas, some hold that the paradigm is no longer relevant, particularly in advanced locations such as the United States, and particularly in Europe. On the other hand, it is the position of some theorists that feminism today is more relevant than ever, exactly because of appearances to the contrary. The writer maintains that despite the voices of dissent, it is clear that feminism still has a variety of roles to play in the EU today. Feminism is also relevant in terms of the international effort towards equal and human rights for all. As such, the writer notes that EU countries can concentrate their collective efforts towards the developing world in ensuring the empowerment of women. The writer concludes that feminism in any environment, including the EU, will not be obsolete for centuries to come.

From the Paper:

"One of the reasons for the apparent irrelevance of feminism in modern Europe is the fact that equal rights have become a reality in almost every area of Western social life. Women are recognized as capable of filling any position they choose, and are provided by law with the right to receive equal pay for such work. In society, the modern Western woman is no longer expected to revolve her purpose in life around marriage, children, and homemaking, while on the other hand nothing prevents her from choosing to do so. Because all these rights have been secured for women, some theorists believe that feminism is no longer necessary, and indeed, no longer has a purpose in modern Europe.
"In Ireland, this nearly halted the feminist movement shortly after its inception, when the right to vote was successfully attained. According to Tomas A. O'Riordan, the right to vote was at the center of first-stage feminism to such an extent that it had become the movement's reason for existence."

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