Factory Farming in the United States Persuasive Essay by Peter Pen

Factory Farming in the United States
A discussion on factory farming practices in the United States.
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This paper takes a look at the practice of factory farming in the United States. While the paper concedes that these new age farms have found innovative ways to produce meat and food for the increasing demand, the methods involved, crowded conditions, and problems caused to the environment are less than beneficial. The author describes how the factory farms have deteriorated the environment by polluting waterways and producing greenhouse gases as well as the unnatural and overcrowded conditions that livestock now live in. The paper also mentions the additional health problems that humans will encounter as we eat the products from these farms and fill our bodies with unnatural bi-products. In closing, the author urges the public to stop destroying the environment by overconsumption and to support free range farmers.

From the Paper:

"The United States livestock industry is certainly not the shining example of how animals should be treated, but it is certainly a vital part of agriculture in this country. There has been a major shift in the way livestock is produced and grown in the last several decades. Small family farms have been replaced by large corporately owned factory farms. These new age farms have caused major problems for our environment, our health, and our animals. Huge factory farms have become the predominant method of raising livestock, and the crowded conditions in these facilities have caused water and air pollution, caused health problems, and caused harm to overall public health. There is no doubt that these farms have found innovative ways to produce meat and food for our increasing demand, but these ways are simply not healthy for humans, animals, and the earth."

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