Factory Farming Persuasive Essay

Factory Farming
An analysis of the negative effects of factory farming on the environment and the health of the general population.
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This paper discusses factory farming, which is a relatively new way of producing food at a lower cost. The paper explains that the aims of factory farming is to produce as much meat in as little time as possible and as cheaply as possible. The paper then discusses the reasons that factory farming is having a profoundly negative effect on our environment and the health of the general population.

From the Paper:

"Factory farming is an inhumane and environmentally reckless way to produce food. For years factory farming has been steadily evolving into larger and more concentrated operations. These operations pollute the areas around them making those areas uninhabitable to people while driving smaller family farms out of business. Lately there has also been new evidence linking the constant low doses of antibiotics the animals receive to new strains of multi-antibacterial resistant strains of bacteria and avian flu. As a result of factory farming Americans have cheaper more abundant access to food but at a very high cost, costs that have yet to be fully realized."

Sample of Sources Used:

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