Eye Problems Caused by Technology Persuasive Essay by Rose

Eye Problems Caused by Technology
A discussion on the dangers to the human eye posed by computers and telephone screens.
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The paper discusses the problem of computer vision syndrome and how it is caused by high resolution computer screens and light sources. The paper reveals that both presbyopia and myopia can be prevented if consumers would be more aware about the dangers of high resolution technology. The paper calls for public education by computer manuals, doctors and optometrists, and addresses the solutions that include anti-glare screen filters, anti-glare lenses at proper positioning at a computer screen.

From the Paper:

"In this day and age named the "Digital Age", people are purchasing more and more computers and cellular telephones. According to the 2003 U.S. Census Bureau, over 175 million working Americans suffer from computer eyestrain and nearly 60 million children connect to the internet either at school or at home (United States). There has developed a dependence on the use of technology and there are possible risks of damaging one's eyes forever. Computer and telephone screens can actually speed up the process of eye aging. Over time, over usage of it can cause the eye to slow down in making its adjustments. In order to perform simple computer related tasks, users must constantly move the eyes back and forth from the computer screen to the key board as the object being moved changes; there is a need for the eyes to adjust to make the image sharper. This constant adjustment of the ciliary muscle, the iris, can cause it to weaken which causes presbyopia. This usually does not happen until the age of forty. However, because of a constant influx of new technology on the market everyday, people, especially children and young adults, in the office and home settings will not stop using it. As a matter of fact, a recent survey done of about forty middle aged people, reports that children of two people wear reading glasses and they are not yet over the age of forty (Marshall survey). Many eye care professionals that specialize in children's vision state that prolonged use of the computer put them at risk for progressive nearsightedness or myopia (Heiting 5)."

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