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Excessive Use of Police Force
This paper analyzes the issue of police brutality while also discussing the role of the media in depicting cases of unwarranted excessive force on the part of law enforcement officers.
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This paper examines the use of excessive police force primarily among minorities. This paper discusses the various reasons excessive force not only occurs but continues to grow at an alarming rate. This paper contains data and statistics relevant to this particular topic. This paper discusses the issue of police brutality from the point of view of law enforcement officers who insist that excessive force is used in less than 1% of contacts with civilians and suspects. This paper also delves into this issue from the point of view of African-Americans who contend that police brutality is significantly higher than the claims made by law enforcement officers. The writer analyzes the systematic biases that are present when debating this controversial topic. This paper discusses the fact that officers are rarely convicted for improper use of violence which indirectly contributes to this growing problem. This paper examines the role of the media in depicting police brutality while also detailing the case of Tyisha Miller, a young black woman killed by police in California.

Table of Contents:
A National Pattern
Systemic Bias
Media Ownership
Works Cited

From the Paper:

"Many members of various minority groups feel that they are unfairly targeted, especially with regard to the use of excessive force and the differences that white and black residents ascribe to these incidents. In many cases, such as the cases of Wilson and Oregon, the incidents are sparked by non-violent offenses. In addition to fatal shootings, many police officers are also resorting to the use of TASER or stun guns, in situations which were previously resolved without the use of force. Statistics from the Orange County Sheriff's Office in Florida, for example, show a stunning increase in the use of TASERS. In 2000, there were only three reported uses of TASER guns. a mere two years later, that figure jumped to 295."

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