Evolution Does Not Negate Creationism Persuasive Essay by Nicky

A persuasive comparison of evolution and creationism, proposing that one does not necessarily negate the other.
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This paper offers a comparative discussion of the science of evolution and the doctrine of creationism. The paper explains that advocates of creationism maintain that the universe was created by an Almighty Being, while those who believe in evolution argue that natural processes have shaped the world humans live in today. The paper takes the position that the theory of evolution does not necessarily negate the existence of a Supreme Being, only that the evidence of favor of evolution appears to be sufficiently compelling to make a serious case for it. The paper opines that neither evolution nor creationism has been proven to date, and reviews literature concerning the debate. After touching on the respective arguments in support of each position, the paper concludes that what is missing from the debate is any reasonable middle ground suggesting that even an omnipotent being might want to use natural processes to accomplish his or her goals for the universe.

Review and Discussion
Background and Overview
Arguments in Support of Creationism
Arguments in Support of Evolution
Current and Future Trends

From the Paper:

"If the debate over creationism versus the theory of evolution was restricted to the pundits, there probably would not be such a controversy about the issue today at all. Nevertheless, there are some important political and cultural issues involved in the debate that continue to affect the way educational services are delivered in the United States. As Vitello (2006) points out, when Darwin's published his seminal work in the 19th century, The Origin of Species, a controversy immediately ensued. According to Vitello, not much has changed in the 170 years since Darwin first set foot on the Galapagos Islands: "In the early 20th century, it sparked a furious evolution versus creationism debate that culminated in the famous 1925 trial of John Scopes, charged with teaching evolution in violation of Tennessee state law. Dubbed the 'Scopes Monkey Trial,' it pitted lawyer- statesman and devout Christian William Jennings Bryan against civil libertarian attorney Clarence Darrow" (p. 18). In his text, From Genesis to Genetics: The Case of Evolution and Creationism, Moore (2002 reports that, "A major challenge to the dominance of creationism and the rejection of evolution occurred in Dayton, Tennessee, in 1925. John Thomas Scopes was tried for teaching Darwinism in his high school biology class--in defiance of an act recently passed by the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee. The trial brought the evolution-creationism controversy to the nation's attention and emphasized the polar positions of the two sides" (p. 148)."

Sample of Sources Used:

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