Evidence for Global Climate Change Persuasive Essay by Nicky

Evidence for Global Climate Change
An exploration of the key issues regarding climate change and the possible solutions to it.
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The paper discusses natural sources of climate change as well as the politics of climate changes and addresses the real question of whether climate change is real and whether human activity is to blame. The paper argues that despite claims that the scientific evidence is flawed and that global warming is not as bad as claims suggest, evidence exists that supports the progression of global warming. The paper looks at the signs of global warming that are obvious to even the casual observer and concludes that the evidence presented in this study makes it difficult to deny that dramatic climatic changes are taking place and that humans are the cause. The paper considers steps that can be taken to reduce the progression of global warming.

Natural Sources of Climate Change
The Politics of Climate Changes
The Big Question
More Noticeable Signs
What Can Be Done?

From the Paper:

"Climate changes happened long before man entered into the scene, and certainly before the industrial era with it greenhouse gas emissions. Past climate changes have been due to changes in the Earth's orbit that affect the amount of sunlight on the surface (EPA, Past Climate Change). Changes in the sun's intensity have also been a source of climate change (EPA, Past Climate Change). Volcanic eruptions have also been responsible for changes in the past, largely due to aerosol emissions, and carbon dioxide emissions (EPA, Past Climate Change).
"Changes in the heating of the Earth's surface can change concentrations of greenhouse gases (EPA, Past Climate Change). When global temperatures warm, CO2 is released from the oceans, which increases greenhouse gas concentrations. This enhances the greenhouse affect. When temperatures become cooler, CO2 enters the oceans and the temperatures become cooler. CO2 levels tend to track the glacial cycles (EPA, Past Climate Change).
"In the past 1,000 years, humans have witness periods of natural climate change. Between 900 and 1300AD, a period of unseasonable warmth occurred in Europe, Greenland, and Asia (EPA, Past Climate Change). From 1500 to 1850 was known as the "Little Ice Age" with temperatures as much as 2o colder in some regions (EPA, Past Climate Change). During this time, an ice sheet never formed, but this period was still marked by cooler than normal temperatures."

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