European Union as a World Superpower Persuasive Essay by Krystel

European Union as a World Superpower
This paper looks at the end of American supremacy and discusses the emergence of the European Union as a world superpower.
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In this article, the writer describes the history of the emergence of the European Union as a new world superpower and assesses what factors seem to best explain its rise. The writer explains how the rift between the European and the United States prompted the EU to build a superpower of its own. This paper also argues that the rise of the EU as a central world player spelled the end of American supremacy. First, the writer discusses how in the political realm, the European Union has recently proved to be a major player when it successfully convinced the international community to adopt policies that further the EU agenda. This essay shows that the European Union's credibility as a morally responsible and stable superpower has considerably increased in the international community. The writer also argues that both the rise of the Euro as one of the world's strongest currencies and the increasing European ownership of various American brands and names have both contributed to the European Union becoming one of the biggest and most stable economic powers of the international order. Finally, this paper explores how the European social model, which boosts the most extensive array of social programs in the world, has contributed in making the European Union a very stable superpower.

From the Paper:

"It is entirely possible that the EU had the impression that a bullying and controlling United States was undermining sincere European efforts to address serious global security. And since it could no longer trust the United States as a champion of human rights, a responsible superpower, and a positive force in the international order, the EU possibly felt it had no choice, but to replace the United States as the superpower of the world to ensure a balanced world order. The European Union realized that it had great political, economic, and social strength and ability, and that it could use it to dislodge the United States from its standing as the world power for many Europeans believed it had become more of a threat to the stability of the world order than a positive influence. The EU thus decided to oppose the United States in the realms of arms control, the environment, human rights, and military cooperation to further its own agenda. It was the beginning of the European Union has a political, economical, and social power in the international order."

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