European Absolutism Persuasive Essay by bigbug

European Absolutism
Argues that there were distinct threads of continuity that the absolutist regime displayed under the reigns of Louis XIV in France and Frederick the Great in Prussia.
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This paper attempts to show how little the development of Royal Absolutism, so firmly established under the reign of Louis XIV, had progressed nearly a century later in Prussia under the rule of Frederick the Great. The paper argues that that the 'institution' of absolutism displayed remarkable threads of continuity under both rulers in terms of the objectives and functions of absolutist rule and that in reality the only distinct difference between Absolutism and Enlightened Absolutism was the premise from which both men justified their reign. The paper further argues, however, that being a product of his time Frederick was undoubtedly influenced and guided by the reason and logic of the Enlightened philosophers. Nevertheless, the paper demonstrates that the inherent nature of absolutism remained unaltered and that Louis XIV did as much to shape the political practice of Enlightened Absolutism, as did the writings of the French philosophers.

From the Paper:

"As a corollary to military expansion and their foreign policies, both absolute monarchs adopted mercantilist manipulations of economic life with a view that this economic form of planning would ensure the power of the state. Mercantilists were fundamentally concerned with acquiring gold and silver and in the reign of Louis XIV, his economic minister Colbert saw a favorable balance of trade as essential to increasing the supply of bullion and designed policies to achieve this."

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