Ethics of Modernizing Indigenous Cultures Persuasive Essay by Jojoy

Ethics of Modernizing Indigenous Cultures
An argumentative paper on the ethics of modernizing indigenous cultures through the introduction of information and communication technology.
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In order to introduce the topic of this paper, the paper first outlines the storyline of the novel, "The Storyteller," which is about the concepts of cultural interference and oppression. The paper then focuses on programs that introduce information and communication technology (ICT) into indigenous communities and critically examines Andrew Lieberman's exposition of the use of ICT to strengthen indigenous cultures, entitled "Taking Ownership". The paper contends that Lieberman and the ICT program planners are assuming indigenous peoples really want to be part of modern society. The paper argues that, in truth, modernizing these indigenous communities is tantamount to colonialism since the ICT is really being used as a tool of oppression to destroy the indigenous culture.

Strengthening Indigenous Cultures and Languages through the Use of ICTs
Notions of Oppression

From the Paper:

"Oppression, as can be seen in the two rivaling notions, depends on perspective. This interweaving of perspective to the threads of oppression is, I think, the reason why the whole issue has become so complicated. Where does one draw the line between mere intellectual observation and actual cultural interference? Is there such a thing as an innocuous observation in the first place? Can one really cease from affecting a certain culture when one penetrates it and studies it as the intellectuals in the novel have done? If influencing indigenous cultures is totally unavoidable, to what extent then should the observer or the outsider penetrate the indigenous territory? To what extent should outsiders intermingle with these indigenous cultures? Is it ethical to influence them in the first place?"

Sample of Sources Used:

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