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Ethical Considerations of Economic Growth
This paper explores economic growth and its effects on welfare, justice and sustainability in Australia and developed countries.
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This paper examines how economic growth in developed countries is affecting individual well-being, justice within society and environmental sustainability. This includes how economic growth damages mental health, physical health and our feelings of happiness. The paper then considers the treatment of unpaid workers and the protection afforded to the vulnerable in society. The paper also considers the lack of concern for dangerous emissions and industrial malpractices such as the dumping of waste. These issues are considered with respect to John Rawls' vision of "Justice as Fairness" and Australian Prime Minister John Howard's speech entitled, "Getting the Big Things Right".

From the Paper:

"Political ideology in Australia and many developed nations emphasises the perceived importance of strong economic growth. Policy is focussed on establishing an economy where Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is rising, inflation and unemployment are low and foreign debts are zero. Much of this growth in GDP, which is the measure of total monetary transactions in the economy , is justified by a magical and unfounded belief that society is like a pipeline where money is sucked in at one end and wellbeing flows out the other . However, the world is a complex system that does not simply transform wealth into human wellbeing. The societies and environment in which we, as individuals, live is dynamic and affected by multiple factors. In 2004, Australian Prime Minister John Howard gave a speech entitled, "Getting the Big Things Right" in which he asserts that Australia would be a "fair and just society" based around a strong economy."

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