Ethanol Fuel: Is It Really Green? Persuasive Essay by Jay Writtings LLC

Ethanol Fuel: Is It Really Green?
This paper explores whether there is a potential for ethanol to be a economical, cost efficient and an environmentally friendly fuel alternative.
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In this paper, the writer examines how environmentally friendly ethanol consumption really is and whether it can practically reduce the cost and foreign dependence on oil. The writer looks at the research to determine the extent to which the U.S. has the resources available to produce ethanol and sustain further fuel independence in the country. The writer reveals that it is highly improbable that the U.S. can sustain a conversion of fuel usage which supports the country's staggering amount of people and processes on a daily basis. The writer contends that just because everyone is desperate to find a solution to our foreign oil dependence, and eager to find a 'savior' of the American economy and the environment, it does not mean that this solution of ethanol is necessarily going to work.


From the Paper:

"Ethanol is a popular new alternative to fuel. The question is, how much of an alternative is it really? Further, does this new option really offer any alternative to gas, and does it truly offer a cost benefit and environmentally friendly to gas? The real key to fuel is the ability to get us to stop depending on foreign gas, and the real economic triumph of any fossil fuel. How possible this truly is must be gathered from current research. The skeptical approach further reveals whether there is a potential for ethanol to be economical, cost efficient, and environmentally friendly fuel alternative."

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