Establishing a Human Rights Policy Persuasive Essay by Nicky

This paper presents recommendations to the elders of an island on the establishment of principles of law and social order.
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The paper describes the medieval Crusades and religious inquisitions that began in the late 12th century and lasted for several centuries. The paper then turns to the brutal institution of slavery in the New World that was merely predicated on the superficial physical difference of skin color. Finally, the paper looks at religious persecution in the modern era, and the horrific extermination of millions of the Jewish population. The paper outlines the most important principles for social rules as pertains to diverse populations and concludes with respectful recommendations for the elders of the island of Tagg.

The Medieval Crusades and Religious Inquisitions
The Institution of Human Slavery in the New World
Religious Persecution in the Modern Era
Civil Rights as a Fundamental Social Value
Respectful Recommendations for the Island of Tagg

From the Paper:

"During the period referred to historically in the Western World as the Medieval and Early Modern Ages, religious leaders with tremendous social authority under that of the great Monarchs initiated wars that lasted for centuries and which destroyed the lives of generations of human beings on two diverse and far-removed continents. Beginning in the late 12th century, the Christian Church initiated a war on foreign soil against peoples who bore no threat to the Western World primarily to capture lands referenced in a Bible of dubious origin, at best. For several centuries, Western warriors wrought savagery and murderous rage against men, women, and children in the Middle East, culminating even in a Children's Crusade toward the end of that period. In fact, the peoples of Arabia had committed no crime against the West, but merely differed in their religious beliefs."

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