Eminem Lyrics are Just Lyrics Persuasive Essay

Eminem Lyrics are Just Lyrics
Argues the lack of relationship between the violent lyrics in Eminem's rap and the actual violence perpetrated by its listeners.
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This paper contends that the violence expressed in Eminem's music does not affect the behavior of those who listen to it and is a necessary and integral part of his songs. The paper explains that Eminem's violence, which comes from his ferocious childhood and adolescence, is used to maintain his image as a hardcore rapper that sells records and to joke about violence so that his listeners can understand the problem and can laugh at it. The paper concludes that Eminem's background and image call for the type of violent lyrics he uses in his songs but that the lyrics do not result in violent behavior.

From the Paper:

"Eminem's need to be violent in his music is his desire to uphold his image. He burst on the scene as a hardcore rapper, and that's what his fans want and love. If he does turn soft at any time in the future, which he most probably won't, his fans will turn on him as they did another famous rapper by the name of Ja Rule. Ja tried to maintain a hardcore appeal while doing songs with a female vocalist by the name of Ashanti, singing his lyrics rather than rapping them. As a result, fans make fun of him, calling him "fake". Eminem would plummet in popularity if he did something emulating Ja Rule's actions."

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