Effects of Oil Spills on Wetlands Persuasive Essay by scribbler

Effects of Oil Spills on Wetlands
A review of the environmental impact of oil spills on wetland ecosystems.
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Published on Apr 30, 2013 in Environmental Studies (Environmental Problems)

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The paper discusses how wetland ecosystems have value for water quality, flood control, shoreline protection and recreation, and they serve as nurseries for many species. The paper looks at the impacts of oil spills on wetland vegetation and animals and describes the approaches to the cleanup of wetlands. Finally, the paper emphasizes the ecological, economical and socio-cultural benefits provided by coastal wetlands and the damage wrought by their destruction.

Impacts on Wetland Habitats and Animals
Mitigation and Cleanup of Wetlands
Personal Opinion and Suggestions

From the Paper:

"Habitats such as salt marshes and mangrove forests and the biota that reside in them are subject to destruction or alteration by oiling events. The degrees of impacts of oil on wetland vegetation are variable and complex and can be both acute and chronic, ranging from short-term disruption of plant functioning to mortality. The primary acute damage to the marshes is that plants, which hold the soil in place and stabilize shoreline, will suffocate and die, especially if multiple coatings of oil occur. Once vegetation dies, the soil collapses. Then the soil becomes flooded, and plants cannot re-grow. If plants cannot re-establish, soil erosion is accelerated, giving rise to even more flooding and further wetland loss. If oil penetrates into the sediments, roots are continuously exposed to oil, with chronic toxicity making production of new shoots problematic. Consequently, plant recovery is diminished, and eventually land loss occurs. In addition to direct impacts on plants, oil that reaches wetlands also affects animals that utilize wetlands during their life cycle, especially benthic organisms that reside in the sediments and are a foundation of the food chain (National Research Council of the National Academies, 2005)."

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