Education and Standardization Persuasive Essay by Ashli

Education and Standardization
This paper discusses what education should be, in a world of standardization.
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In this article, the writer discusses the meaning of education and the issue of standardized testing. The writer then looks at education as a major economic issue. The writer questions which is better out of the choice of public or private schools. The writer maintains that standardized tests need to be revised or perhaps deleted as soon as possible and the need to blame education and petition for education reform should not be correlated with how well the economy does. The writer concludes that life education and formal education need to be equalized and parents need to make choices that are best for their child. This paper is written in a personal informal manner.

From the Paper:

"Standardized testing is any test that is used across a variety of schools or other situations. Most standardized tests are achievement tests and therefore have little predictive value for students, teachers or schools. They only generate good data for narrow skill sets or topics. However, many school systems use standardized testing as a screening tool, as a basis for curriculum or as a broad comparison between students. How can you do such a comparison, when every child is different in both achievement and also in their ways of learning? What happens when tests are administered outside of the context of the mainstream culture? This poses a problem for certain students whose answers might be right, but not in the context of the exam."

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