Ecological Footprints Persuasive Essay by mmm

Ecological Footprints
This paper argues that, when humans consume more than what the earth can regenerate, an ecological footprint is left behind.
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Published on Apr 28, 2008 in Environmental Studies (Economics and Policy)

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This paper explains that things, such as cell phones, i-pods, planes and cars have made lives more convenient but they leave an ecological footprint by using up environmental resources. The author points out that the concept of an ecological footprint also is a resource management tool, which measures how much land and water area a human population requires to produce the resources it consumes and to absorb its wastes under prevailing technology. The paper stresses that each region of the earth has a biological capacity. The author underscores that the responsibility to preserve the environment for the future generations can be achieved by seeking alternative methods, such as prevention, adaptation and mitigation. The paper stresses that it is up to individuals to monitor activities and resource consumption and to play an active part in the sustainability of the environment.

From the Paper:

"Another type of ecological footprint that is affecting us at an alarming rate is the carbon footprints. Whenever human activities involve the burning of fossil fuels, carbon dioxide is emitted. This goes in the atmosphere, contributing to global climate change, unless it can be captured and stored by plants. The carbon footprint therefore measures the demand on bio-capacity that results from burning fossil fuels in terms of the amount of forest area required to absorb these carbon dioxide emissions."

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